We’re Bringing Phish5 to the Elevate Platform

Hey, look at us – we’re growing up 😁. On the heels of announcing our Series A, our two-year anniversary (we’re very mature for two) and the general availability of the awesome Elevate Platform, we’re really excited to announce our acquisition of Phish5, the beloved phishing simulation suite, which will now be known as Elevate...
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Making Better Security Behavior Training: How Autodesk Did It

The dust is finally settling after the RSA Conference in San Francisco earlier this month. I was privileged to speak at RSA alongside Elevate customer, Aika Sengirbay, Sr. Information Security Engagement Specialist at Autodesk, as part of the “Human Element” track. Autodesk has recently rolled out the Personal Snapshot, part of the Elevate Platform, and...
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How to Use Social Proof as a Superpower in Security Awareness Training

Question: Would you be more likely to do something simply because someone told you, or because you knew your peers were already doing it? Chances are, it’s the latter. Study after study shows the power of social proof in influencing behaviors. Take energy software company, Opower, as an example. In addition to sending consumers a...
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Elevate Brings People Powered Security to RSA

Here at Elevate, we are creating an approachable and effective platform for driving positive behavior change that turns the old way of doing security awareness – boring video training, turning employees uncomfortably numb with tedious policies, same breaches, different day – on its head. With products to measure, educate, and motivate, we believe the unique...
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Announcing Our Series A

We’ve got some exciting news from your friends at Elevate Security: today we’re announcing we’ve raised $8m in our Series A round! The round is led by Defy Partners, joined by our great partners at Costanoa Ventures. In addition, we’re super pleased to add Trae Vassallo and Martina Lauchengco to our board. An all-female outside...
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security awareness training

No, MORE Security Awareness Training Content Is Not the Answer

You spend hours and hours developing your security awareness training program and a couple months in you conclude it’s not working — employees are making the same mistakes and the company is no more secure. So, you decide to add more training to try to fill in the gaps. It must be that employees just...
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Introducing Elevate Snapshot: Deep Visibility and Actionable Insight into Security Behavior and Risk

Update: Snapshot is now known as the Elevate Platform. We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Elevate Security Behavior Platform that measures and rewards employees on behaviors that help secure the organization: Elevate Snapshot.   Since the very early days of Elevate Security, we’ve been hard at work delivering on our mission...
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employee security readiness

To Improve Employee Security Readiness, You Must First Measure It. Here’s How

You’re tasked with building your company’s security awareness training. Where do you begin? Most people jump right into creating training content, but is this actually the right approach?   Consider this: How will you know what to train on and what exactly you want to drive awareness around? The answer is with metrics. And this...
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A 10,000 Employee Tech Company Rolls out New People-Centric Security Training Their Employees Love

A large, well-established tech enterprise with over 10,000 employees is one of the latest companies to change their approach to security awareness training by delivering people-centric security training from Elevate Security. As a global enterprise, security is a priority, but rolling out security training across their offices has been a big challenge. “If my users like...
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