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…to make security decisions easier for your employees. We’re the creators of the first-ever people-centric security platform. Built at Salesforce and scaled to thousands of employees worldwide, Elevate Security impacts measurable security behavior change.

Meet Our Leadership Team
The creators of Elevate Security

Robert Fly

Co-founder, CEO
masha sedova

Masha Sedova

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer
Meet Our Team
The people who make our company awesome

Molly Hanes

Software Engineer

Jon Sanders

Enterprise Account Executive
Customer Success Manager

Michelle Vo

Customer Success Manager
Software Engineer

Kaising Ng

Software Engineering Intern

Mitchell DeMarco

Software Engineer

Zain Amro

Software Engineer
nicole fish

Nicole Fish

Software Engineer

The Elevate Vision

In our almost 40 years of collective experience in the security industry, we noticed one critical thing was missing. While there were many products on the market that focused on technology or processes, none focused effectively on people. Organizations today need all three elements to stand up to the rapidly changing security landscape.


Here at Elevate Security, we’re building the first-ever truly people-centric solution that’s focused on the human element as a core defense strategy for organizations. We envision a world where every employee knows why security matters — and practices it every day. By showing — not just telling — your workers why security matters to them, they can become true security advocates.

Our Investors And Advisors

OODA Ventures

Patrick Heim

Former Head of Trust, Dropbox & Salesforce

Vincent Liu

Partner/CEO, Bishop Fox

Zane Lackey

Founder/CSO, Signal Sciences

Parker Harris

Co-Founder/CTO, Salesforce

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