Personalized scorecards

Engage every employee with the motivation and personalized tools they need to improve their security behavior
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Deliver insights on individual performance

Create a personalized training library

Inspire friendly competition

Save time and money

Individual insights on performance

Employees receive personalized emails with key insights on their security performance and links to get the right support.

Rewards and friendly competition

Employees receive badges as they complete different levels of security competency based on the behaviors you want to track. They can also see how their security skills compare to the company and their department.

Time and money: your favorite things to save

Training takes time and money. Save training for the employees that actually need it. Got an employee already showing they're not taking risky security behaviors? Great, they're off the hook.
Sending more content to our employees just wasn’t moving the needle on risk prevention. Elevate is helping us change the game and take our program beyond awareness to readiness

Sr. Manager, Security Engagement at Fortune 100 Tech Company

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password manager use increase


decrease in phishing test clicks


training hours saved


motivated to change security behaviors