Announcing our Series A

Robert Fly

Published on 14 February 2019

We’ve got some exciting news from your friends at Elevate Security: today we’re announcing we’ve raised $8m in our Series A round! The round is led by Defy Partners, joined by our great partners at Costanoa Ventures. In addition, we’re super pleased to add Trae Vassallo and Martina Lauchengco to our board.

An all-female outside board? Why, yes it is! We’re proud to be part of the Founders For Change coalition – check it out if you haven’t.

People are the largest unsolved problem in security today. Over the last year and a half, along with our fantastic team, we’ve been making great strides in helping our customers’ employees become security superheroes in their organizations. We want to help more companies be successful in this journey.

With our new funding, we’re gearing up to grow the company significantly with the following goals:

Get Our Message Out

Ineffective and boring security awareness videos have become the norm. Employees hate taking the training and security teams hate rolling it out because they know employees don’t find it useful.

We’re here to help security teams build strong security cultures as well as measure and reward employees for good security behavior. As we expand our reach, we hope more and more companies will join the movement of respecting employees’ time and intelligence!

Build the Most Inclusive and Powerful Team in Security

We want our employees to look back and say that Elevate was the best place they’ve ever worked, where they learned the most, solved the most challenging problems, and where they were empowered and supported to succeed and grow their careers.

We’re approaching security in a totally new way, using behavioral and data science. So, yes, we’re hiring, technical and non-technical roles alike. Even if you don’t see a role posted and want to talk, reach out!

Make (More) Awesome Products

Hacker’s Mind and the Elevate Platform have been very well received by our customers. We’re going to continue to build out those products and introduce new ones that further enable employees to be your company’s best security asset!

Our mission isn’t just selling a security platform. It’s to make CISOs and security awareness practitioners look great inside their companies.

As we’ve reached this new milestone, I think back to my time running security teams when we were about to roll out security training from other vendors. Sweat would bead up on my brow, my mouth would get dry and imagery of our employees lining up at my desk with pitchforks and torches would enter my head.

Did I think the training was effective? Nope.

Did my team? Nope.

Did our employees? Nope.

When your best chance of connecting with your employees is met with violent hatred, you’ve lost a tremendous opportunity to help shift behavior and culture.

Our mission isn’t just selling a security platform. It’s to make CISOs and security awareness practitioners look good, and help them advance their careers because they were so successful in building strong security cultures with Elevate by their side. This funding will help us accelerate toward our mission, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Robert & Masha