Our Next Phase Of Growth

Robert Fly

Published on 29 September 2020

As the saying goes, three years of hard work in and we’re an overnight success!

Today, we’re announcing our Series A1, with a fantastic new lead in Foundry Group as well as Shasta Ventures and Salesforce Ventures joining too.

When Masha and I started Elevate in 2017, I would have never guessed that our mission – “Elevating security by positively solving human risk.” – would resonate as deeply as it has. Large and small enterprises alike have been very clear that all the values Elevate’s platform stands for, such as personalization, deep data-driven insights, and reducing employee risk, are so important for them as they build the foundation of how they engage with their employees every day. That mission has become even more important with our new reality of a distributed workforce.

As a few folks have said to me recently, “You all make it look like running a startup is easy.” I then send them a picture of a duck, calm and cool above water, but the legs kicking as hard as they can under it. That’s the startup way.

All that kicking has led to some amazing accomplishments since our last fundraise. Please join me in celebrating these great accomplishments!

  • Over 5x ARR Growth since our last round
  • Greater than 1.7 million positive security decisions influenced on our platform
  • 55% improvements in behaviors across our customers after adopting Elevate
  • Recognized by Forrester as a Leader with the strongest offering
  • RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalist
  • Hired on a superstar leadership team joining Masha and me on this journey (CFO – Nick Telford, CMO – Suresh Balasubramanian, VP of Engineering – JF Gailleur, Head of Product – Stevo Ledbetter, Head of Customer – Megan Caldwell) as well as many other amazing folks
  • Brought on awesome advisors like Mike Johnson and Laura Mather

Just recently, Elevate spent a few weeks talking with over 75 CISOs, VPs, and Directors of Security as part of customer learning and development. What we heard only got us more excited – that the vision we’ve had for the company is only becoming more important. That deeply understanding the human element – how to understand each employee, how to connect with them, and how to build appropriate safeguards – is the biggest fundamental shift we’ll see in the security industry over the next 5 – 10 years.

I’m excited to be on this journey of building that vision along with Masha, the Elevate Security team and our great customers who push us to be excellent every single day!