Communicating Security Risk is Hard, but it Doesn’t Have to Be

Create security champions across your organization - from employees to executives.

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Effectively communicate security risk to the board and leadership.

Share a compelling story about how your team is mitigating and improving on human risk across the enterprise. With beautiful visuals, exclusive industry benchmarks, and comprehensive and easy-to-understand risk scoring based on data and systems your team has already invested in, Elevate Security helps you engage the board.

Turn your employees into greatest cybersecurity champions

Communicate risk across your organization to all employees and reinforce positive security decisions. With personalized nudges and security awareness, employees compete across their own team to improve their own security decisions. Create a culture of enthusiastic cyber resilience- not just reluctant compliance.

“Elevate takes a completely different, individualized approach to changing cybersecurity cultures by understanding employees’ risky behaviors every day and then through incentivization, driving and educating each person on how to become more cyber vigilant.”

Michelle Valdez, CISO, OneMain Financial