Introducing Elevate Snapshot: Deep Visibility and Actionable Insight into Security Behavior and Risk

Masha Sedova

Published on 7 November 2018

Update: Snapshot is now known as Elevate Vision and Elevate Pulse

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Elevate Security Behavior Platform that measures and rewards employees on behaviors that help secure the organization: Elevate Snapshot.

Risk analysis dashboard

Since the very early days of Elevate Security, we’ve been hard at work delivering on our mission to help companies rethink security awareness by delivering impactful security behavior change, a deviation from traditional questionnaire-based training. Elevate Snapshot is the next progression in our journey and is already in the hands of several early customers eager to measure the effects of security awareness training so they can customize and improve their programs and strengthen their security posture against today’s attacks.

Traditionally, companies have treated their employees as a risk to security, but what if we could instead treat them as partners in security? Employees want to do the right thing, they’re just overwhelmed by information and are unsure what they can do to best secure the organization. This has led them to become ‘uncomfortably numb’, bombarded by redundant, irrelevant training amidst increasing security attacks. Considering the fact that 93% of all breaches target people — namely, your employees — and traditional security awareness training has not reduced this risk, it’s time companies took a different approach to actually help their employees improve their skills.

That’s exactly what Elevate Snapshot does.

How it Works

Elevate Snapshot works hand-in-hand with Hacker’s Mind to deliver CISOs and employees comprehensive visibility on the state of employee security readiness and behavior.

Integrating information from existing systems and processes, Elevate Snapshot helps security teams understand and measure employee behavior over time.

Behavaiour snapshot heat map

Snapshot presents summary and detailed reports to IT Security teams to show them strengths, successes, and areas for improvement across employee behaviors. What’s more, tailored views of these insights are available for executives and managers to help them understand how their departments are doing.

Performers vs stragglers chart
Achievement icons

Snapshot also sends periodic emails to employees so they can see how they are doing compared to their peers, what rewards they have earned for their good actions, and where and how they can improve their skills.

Report charts

Elevate Snapshot Highlights

  • Select behaviors you want your employees to change and Snapshot measures employee behavior change over time
  • Intuitive dashboards that help you understand, analyze, and communicate your employees’ security strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalized scorecards sent to employees that show them how they’re doing, along with recommended training to reinforce desired behaviors and improve their scores.
  • Integrated social proof shows employees how their security chops compare to the company as a whole and their department, motivating them to do their best
  • Gamified metrics reward employees with badges as they complete different levels of security competency

Snapshot works together with Elevate Hacker’s Mind to increase the employee detection and reporting of attacks by 5x or more.

Simply sending more content to employees just wasn’t moving the needle on risk. Elevate is helping us change the game and take our program beyond awareness to readiness that provides a greater impact to reducing risks. Snapshot will give us and our employees the visibility and insight to know how we are doing and accelerate our journey to employee-centric risk reduction. – Elevate customer James Hong, of Autodesk

Companies like AutoDesk who have experienced the pitfalls of traditional security training first-hand recognize it’s time for a chance. Gartner also reports the need for a different approach, especially when it’s clear the current one isn’t performing.

When attempts are made to justify continued investment in awareness or to measure the impact of existing awareness activities, security managers scramble to retrofit objectives onto the program and deduce relevant measurements. The end result is a costly, unproven awareness program based on tradition, personal judgment and whim. This approach is not tolerated in any other phase of IT security operations and should not be tolerated in the realm of security awareness.

The war on cybersecurity can only be won if we’re all in it together. Treating employees not as the risk, but as partners who can help us win the fight is the way forward. With that in mind, tied in with the latest advances in behavioral and data science, and we truly can turn every employee into a security superhero.

Elevate Snapshot is available immediately for both existing and new Elevate customers. Learn more about Snapshot here: