Meet the
Elevate Platform

Turn Employees Into Security Superheroes
With Measurable Insights and Rewards

See if your awareness program is actually delivering in changing and improving employee behavior, and refine and improve it over time.

Show every employee how they are doing individually,
motivate them to do better, and reward them
for improvements and accomplishments.

Comprehensive Visibility and Insights

The Elevate Platform measures employee behavior change over time so you can finally understand how your company’s security posture is improving. Plus, employees can see how they’re performing and where they can do better.

Beautiful, intuitive dashboards and personalized scorecards help you understand, analyze, and communicate your employees’ security strengths and weaknesses.

Choose the behaviors you want to improve,
watch the results unfold

Most security awareness trainings are just that — they train. Effective training, however, also requires constant improvement, reinforcement, and reward. With the Elevate Platform, you select the behaviors you want your employees to change (e.g. phishing reporting, strong passwords, VPN usage), and we show you in a clean and simple interface how these behaviors improve over time.

The results will show you who your top performers are, where you need to offer additional training, and if particular employees need more support.

Motivate Employees with Insights, Feedback,
and Rewards

Not only does the Elevate Platform give you complete insight into security behavior change, but your employees are also kept in the loop, too. A personalized Scorecard is sent to their inbox that helps them see how they’re doing, along with recommended training to reinforce desired behaviors and improve their scores.

Integrated Social Proof

Employees can see not only how they’re performing, but how their security chops compare to the company as a whole and their department specifically. A little friendly competition and social proof can be just the motivation they need to do better.

Gamify Your Metrics:
A Reward-Based Measurement Platform

Employees receive badges as they complete different levels of security competency based on the behaviors you want to track.

Turn every employee into
a security superhero
with supercharged
metrics and insights.

See the Elevate Platform in action