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Building your security awareness team's brand

Create a great security culture through internal brand-building

Without a good internal brand, the job of building a security culture is much harder. A good brand can open doors internally and reduce friction when creating new security campaigns. It can be the difference between being tolerated and being loved as a business partner. But how do you create and maintain a valuable brand to your internal stakeholders and employees?

Join industry-renowned security awareness expert, Masha Sedova of Elevate Security, in a conversation with Salesforce marketing executive Shane Tapp as they discuss the best practices of building a security team’s brand to internal audiences. For over 2 years, Shane and Masha worked together to build the Salesforce security awareness team’s internal brand and messaging. Since leaving Salesforce in 2016 to co-found Elevate Security, Masha and has worked with dozens of companies to build their own security awareness programs. Shane has 20+ years as a marketing expert with a passion for films and campaigns, bringing a fresh perspective to the security awareness conversation.

  • Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018
  • Time: 9am PST