Secure Remote Work Without Slowing Down: Adopting a Risk-Based Approach to Cybersecurity

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Pressure to keep up productivity, expanded remote targets and complex environments are challenging security professionals more than ever.  What risk frameworks can you apply to best deal with today’s evolved remote environment and where should you focus your efforts to secure the enterprise?

Join Richard Seiersen, Co-founder of Soluble and Elevate Security co-founder Masha Sedova for a fireside chat to share best practices in
measuring and managing risk caused by vastly expanded remote targets – both technical and human. From deploying controls where they
are most needed to actively analyzing employees security decisions – learn to turn analytics into action.

We’ll provide:

  • Critical areas where risk has evolved in recent months
  • A practical framework for quantifying risk to best deal with your remote environment
  • Data-driven best practices for mitigating these new threats you can implement right away