New Feature: Streamline Your Hacker’s Mind Security Training Campaign

Masha Sedova

Published on 17 July 2018

Since our April release of Hacker’s Mind, we’ve been hard at work on a brand new feature that we’re excited to share with you today: Engagement Platform.

Creating a good security training program is half the equation, the other half is being able to easily manage it. With the release of our new Engagement Platform, we’ve just made your job a whole lot easier.

In one streamlined dashboard, you can easily setup, rollout, manage, and report on security training campaigns. You can also download reports, notify employees that it’s time to go through training, see their real-time responses, and more. Put simply, you can get way more done in much less time.

A screenshot of the Elevate Platform showing a graph of security awareness campaign results

Our early customers have used EP to rollout Hacker’s Mind in 3 exciting ways:

  1. Managers have run it with their team as a team building exercise
  2. Security champions have run it during “security happy hours”
  3. Employees have signed up to take Hacker’s Mind with their peers during pre-scheduled time slots (see screenshot below)
A screenshot from the Elevate Platform showing scheduled security training sessions

Whether you’re a seasoned security educator or this is your first go-around, the Engagement Platform walks you step-by-step through every part of your campaign, from uploading your employee list, to customizing emails, to setting up a campaign start date, and much more.

This way, nothing falls through the cracks and your employees are given a seamless experience to go along with their awesome training. Not only will they thank you for giving them a great training experience, your job is about to get a whole lot easier, too!

What a great experience for our employees! Seeing their name on the screen and learning about attacks that could really hit our organization gave them a real-life scenario they haven’t forgotten, and our security has become even stronger because of it. – Redlock Security Team