We’re Bringing Phish5 to the Elevate Platform

Robert Fly

Published on 30 April 2019

Hey, look at us – we’re growing up . On the heels of announcing our Series A, our two-year anniversary (we’re very mature for two) and the general availability of the awesome Elevate Platform, we’re really excited to announce our acquisition of Phish5, the beloved phishing simulation suite, which will now be known as Elevate Phishing, part of the Elevate Platform

Wait? Wasn’t Phish5 built by those great folks at Thinkst who sell Canary?* Why, yes, it was! Haroon, Marco, and team built an industry-leading product with Phish5, but they really wanted to focus their energy on their main love, which is Canary.

Phishing simulation fits into the Elevate Platform perfectly. When done right, it’s a great tool to measure the resilience of your organization against external attackers. It also aligns really well with our data-driven approach to how we personalize an employee’s security journey. Companies like Autodesk saw a 2x reduction in clicks on phishing tests, and a 170% increase in reporting of suspicious emails when using the Elevate Platform (this is after using several other vendors in our space).

All of our current customers have access to the new Elevate Phishing features from the Elevate Platform. We plan on bundling Elevate Phishing into our current offerings at no additional charge to our customers. If you’re interested in the Elevate Platform and want to take it for a spin to help power a positive security culture for you, give us a shout. We look forward to partnering with you!

Thanks for all the phish,


* You should look at Canary, it’s a great product just like Phish5 (and Elevate )