Opportunity to Market Security Technology with Personality Insights, I Could Not Ask for More!

Suresh Balasubramanian

Published on 30 September 2020

Elevate Security first caught my attention in 2018 when I was the SVP/GM of Products & Marketing at The Myers-Briggs Company. I have worked in the technology industry for over 30 years now and in the security industry for almost 10 years. It is rare to see a company tackle the security problem with a focus on the human element. I was intrigued by the premise and quickly consumed every single page on their website. To my delight, I realized that Robert and Masha (Elevate Security’s co-founders) had not only set out to tackle one of the toughest challenges in security but had also built a company with an amazing culture that exuded a set of values that were very attractive to me. 

After leaving The Myers-Briggs Company, I knew I wanted to join a tech company that had a strong focus on people at its core, and a very purpose, mission driven culture. The opportunity to lead marketing at Elevate Security presented itself – a unique combination of security, technology and people-centric focus – a perfect fit for my next challenge. A dear friend of mine, Martina Lauchengo, who is on the board of Elevate Security introduced me to Masha and that is where my journey with Elevate Security began.

Getting to know Robert and Masha and the team, further reinforced my excitement and desire to work at Elevate Security. Robert and Masha have built an amazing company with a resilient culture and have accomplished a lot, even at this early Series A stage. The opportunity to drive the marketing efforts at a company that focused on the intersection of security and the human element was the perfect trifecta for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better next role. 

Elevate Security is focused on tackling some of the hardest problems in the security industry – people. We do it in a way that brings critical insights about what the employees do in an organization, that is likely to put the organization at risk and increase the odds of getting breached.

One of the unique things about the company is the way we go about highlighting the challenges and connecting with our core audience. We don’t resort to the most common ways of selling security technology which is FUD (Fear / Uncertainty / Doubt)  or VUCA (Vulnerability / Uncertainty / Complexity / Ambiguity). Instead we focus on highlighting the positive impact managing human risk can have, in strengthening an enterprises’ cyber resilience.

The opportunity to adopt a very different approach to marketing in an often fear based security industry landscape is also a refreshing change. It provides a broader, richer set of messages to share with our target audience. 

As a marketer at heart with a passion for solving tough challenges, I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity than the CMO role at Elevate Security.