Elevate Phishing

Test your employees' readiness against phishing threats

Introducing Elevate Phishing, Formerly Phish5

Email-based attacks remain one of the most common and effective attack vectors, so developing resilience against phishing should be a key step in your organization’s security behavior change journey. Elevate Phishing offers a simple, self-service dashboard to create, run and analyze phishing simulation campaigns to test your employees' readiness against phishing threats.

Put resilience to the test, fast

Just five simple steps to set up a phishing campaign to test your employees’ resilience to email-based attacks:

  1. Create: Select a campaign template and a few configuration details
  2. Target: Upload or enter the details for your intended targets
  3. Design: Customize the phishing email, including the message envelope and its contents
  4. Build: Publish a custom webpage with a URL that sounds credible
  5. Launch: Review the campaign details, hit launch and track your campaign’s progress

Measure the success of your campaigns

Identify who’s the most likely to click on risky links. You’ll also see which users are running vulnerable browsers, plug-ins or extensions.

Track your improvements over time

Easily see whether your risk of compromise is improving over time, and whether users are less exposed, which users need more training, and which users need added protection.

See Elevate Phishing in action