Take a virtual Security Awareness Month pulse check

Didn't have time to put together a security awareness month program this year?
Unable to run in-person training programs due to COVID-19?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is going 100% virtual and it’s a great time to take a virtual security pulse check! Engage employees and help them connect with colleagues about security in completely new and gamified ways with Elevate Security's Cybersecurity Awareness Month turnkey package.

Hacker’s Mind gamified security training

Give your employees the opportunity to connect with colleagues and experience getting inside the mind of a hacker.

Employees from different departments will have fun working together and competing to spot and exploit security vulnerabilities with Elevate Security’s Hacker’s Mind gamified security training.

Hyper-Personalized Security Scorecards

Motivate security competition among employees this October with personalized security scorecards.

• Help them be in the know about how they personally stack up against their peers when it comes to spotting real phishing emails or using a password manager.

• Easy and actionable ways to improve their security actions and if they are improving throughout the month.

Elevate Security’s Pulse automates scorecards and end of month reporting so you don’t have to. We will provide a benchmarking report on how your organization ranks in comparison to your industry peers.

Elevate Security’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month package

This October, Elevate Security is making it easy for security teams to engage employees in exciting new ways from their new work from home environments and simplify reporting to prove efficacy. Elevate Security's October offer is turnkey and will make your October a gamified and engaging virtual success.

Elevate Security’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month package includes:

Hyper-Personalized Scorecards

All employees will receive Hyper-Personalized Scorecards, sent twice during October-November to show how they are stacking up against each other

Hacker's Mind Sessions

Engage all or a portion of your employees with gamified security training

Summary Report

No more crunching numbers in November. Elevate Security will provide a comprehensive report showing how employee's engaged in the month and how their security actions changed.

Benchmark Report

And, we will provide a analysis showing how your company's results compare to other companies.

Key Considerations

To make this magic happen, Elevate Security uses data from your email service provider (Office 365 or GSuite). To get the most of out this offering here are a few key considerations:

Organization currently uses O365 or GSuite as your email service

You have an existing mock phishing program in place and have completed at least two campaigns in the past 6 months

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