Take the Elevate Security Behavior Change Platform for a Test Drive

Masha Sedova

Published on 21 January 2020

We get it, before you make an investment you want to test drive it, take it for a spin and see what it’s capable of. That’s why we are launching the Elevate Security platform interactive demo. Elevate Security’s platform leverages the power of automation to measure and map employees behavioral strengths and weaknesses and nudges cybersecurity stragglers to make better decisions.

This new tool will simulate different elements of our platform from measuring your people-centric strengths and weaknesses (Vision) to sending personalized communications that your employees will receive (Pulse).

Elevate Security’s Vision gives your team visibility into cybersecurity behaviors among employees, departments or regions. Without these insights cybersecurity teams are wasting time and money and are unable to take a risk-based approach to the human element. 

It’s hard for employees to know how to make better cybersecurity

Take our interactive demo for a test drive and see for yourself.